Waterway tourism

The Rhône-Rhine canal

Embark on the most unusual discovery of Alsace! Lulled by the lapping of water, take some time to discover the variety of our landscapes. Several circuits are available.

From Strasbourg to Rhinau, the Rhone-Rhine Canal runs 38 km through the plain of the RIed, offering amateur sailors various landscape, beautiful views of the Vosges and the Black Forest. Its towpath is used by the Veloroute Rhin-EuroVelo 15.

The Rhone-Rhine Canal - northeren section - 38 km

This 38-km stretch of the Rhone-Rhine Canal is navigable from Strasbourg to Rhinau. It offers boaters a kaleidoscope of landscapes through the Ried plain, changing from meadows to copses, to fields, with the Vosges and Black Forest provding a beautiful backdrop. The century-old plane trees and their leafy boughs protect cyclists from the fierce Alsatian sun.


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The Rhine

For 184 km, the Rhine, ranking as the commercial route in Europe, forms between Basel and Lauterbourg a link between France and Germany. From Strasbourg, European capital, the Rhine is connected to Nancy and Paris by the Rhine-Marne canal. It passes the Vosges mountains via the impressive Saint-Louis/Arzwiller inclined plane.

Cruises down the Rhine:
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